Sunday, August 9, 2009

Surgeon General Warning on Colgate Spin Brush!

First of all you need to know that I don't like going to the dentist. I love my dentist, like if I see him in a restaurant or in a grocery store but not when I am at his office. Not sure why, it has always just been a phobia of mine.

So it all started about two years ago when the dentist told me that I brushed too hard and was wearing away my gum line. At that point I had to make another appointment and have some of my gum line replaced, not sure how they did it, like I said earlier, I don't like the dentist and it makes me feel faint just to type about it. Seriously, I can't even pull my own children's teeth. Anyway, I went back to the dentist about a week ago and was told I really do need to start taking it easy on my gums. The hygienist (I had to use spell check to type that word, would you have ever spelled it that way?) told me that I should invest in a tooth brush that does the brushing for you and then I won't be able to brush as hard. She said they are great and really get your teeth clean.

So I decided to take her advice, mainly because I recently heard of a horror story where a friend's husband had to have some of the roof of his mouth removed to replace his gum line because he did the same thing I did. HOLY COW!! I am feeling dizzy, right now. I bought the Colgate spin brush, it was not the top of the line $50 Sonicare toothbrush but I felt like it would do the job and in six months when I go back to the dentist I will see if it is working or if I need to skip buying my kids new tennis shoes for school in order to save my beloved gums.

Well, the first night we met at the sink I was in love. This thing was amazing, it made my teeth feel so good. I had read the directions and it said, "brush as normal." So I was thinking, this thing is awesome it does all the work for me and leaves me feeling with a "just left the dentist feeling" without the nerve pill I have to take before I go (Just Kidding!)

Day #2 This is where the Surgeon General comes in. Well, he technically has not placed a warning on this toothbrush but I am pretty stinkin' sure that if he had been standing next to me at the sink he would have this little warning posted all over the packaging. Here is what happened, remember when the directions said "brush as normal?" Well, night #1 the first time I used the brush it was late and my kids were in the bed and I was taking my time and not having to think about anything else. But here is reality. I am the mother of 3 kids, work a part time job from home, currently in the process of moving, and have a list of things everyday to do that is about 6 miles long. So as I brush my teeth I am usually, talking on the phone,washing a load of clothes, helping pour milk in a cereal bowl, changing a diaper, etc... Sometimes all at the same time (I am quite the multi-tasker)So it does happen on occasion where I will stick my tooth brush in the side of my mouth while I do one of the above listed. NOW TO THE WARNING! IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE READ THIS. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES STICK A VIBRATING TOOTH BRUSH IN THE SIDE OF YOUR MOUTH AND TAKE YOUR HAND AWAY!

I still cannot believe I did not chip one single tooth. I am not kidding you that thing jumped around in my mouth like a jack hammer vibrating teeth, skull and nearly mutilating my tongue. It all happened so fast. There was toothpaste slung from one end of the counter and mirror to the other, including all over me, not to mention I was in complete shock! It was the craziest thing ever. And then I started thinking, I am "that" person. The one that when people read the warnings and go, "that is ridiculous, who did they have to put that warning on there for?" Apparently that is me.

So for all you fans of that type of toothbrush, you are welcome, one of us has to be idiot enough to help save your teeth.

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  1. I think my spinbrush chipped my tooth.