Friday, December 9, 2011

4 Years in the Making

Emma Sanders Brady turned four on November 20, 2011. Her school does a great job of celebrating girls and their life and during the chapel program on Thursday she got to go up front and receive her birthday pencils. Two pencils, one blue, one white. Nothing special about them to the average human but to a St. Mary's girl they are magical. And we loved watching Emma light up with all the joy in the world to go tell the student body how old she was and to receive her pencils.

We had her birthday party on Friday night at Little Gym. A perfect place for a girl with more energy in her little finger than I have in my whole body. She loved it.

Emma Sanders you are a joy to our family. You have been such a gift to us. You are absolutely hilarious and we never know what is going to come out of your mouth. You are kind, curious, spunky and very smart. You like to play with your dolls and do their hair. You actually like to do everyone's hair, including your cousin Wyatt. Your smile can light up a room and your laughter is contagious. My favorite thing you say lately is when we laugh at something you do you say, "I know, right?"

We are grateful that the Lord chose us as your parents. We pray everyday that you will know the Lord's love and that you will follow with passion and zeal his plan for your life.

Not His Home

Mid October I chaperoned a field trip with Bennett's class to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time learning about all the different animals. The class first started out in a room where a zoo keeper brought out snakes, iguanas, and a rat. She took them around to let the kids see up close and they could even pet them if they wanted. Bennett did not, that's my boy.

After the class we were split into groups and had a list of clues to read and then guess which animal the clues were about. It was really fun and we were even given an itouch to record the boys finding the answer to each clue.

Towards the end of the adventure we found ourselves in the polar bear exhibit, which at the Memphis zoo is incredible. Another mom and I noticed that this one particular bear was doing odd things. He would move towards the wall, slightly bump into it, shake his head, walk backwards about 10 steps and then repeat.

We watched him for a few minutes and then this mom said something that has stuck with me ever since. "This is not his home." She went on to talk about how nice his surroundings are, how well he is taken care of, how much food he gets, how the zoo vaccinates and takes amazing steps towards providing for him but it is still not his home. It is not the wild where he belongs. That maybe his captivity makes him behave strangely.

Last week I served on jury duty and was actually picked for a trial. It was a very interesting week to say the least. I actually enjoyed it and aside from having to juggle kids, carpool, basketball games and a guitar recital would love to do it again. During the week the other jurors and I were asked not to discuss the trial during our breaks. So the conversation turned toward our on personal lives and getting to know one another.

In the midst of those conversations I shared with several of my co-jurors where I live and why I live there. Their initial reaction was some very strange looks. Like, have you lost your mind? Why would you chose to live there? That is crazy.

And so my mind went back to the zoo. And I was reminded that this is not my home. That in 1992 my heart was captivated by Jesus and a love that has never let go and because of that sometimes my behavior seems strange.  And sometimes Braxton and I do what seems crazy in the eyes of the world and we make decisions that seem odd or go against what everyone else might be doing.

There is a reason for our craziness as it may seem. This is not our home.  And our hope and prayer is that our actions and behavior point to the One who has promised us an eternal home with him.

"But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ."
Philippians 3:20