Monday, November 29, 2010

Where does the time go?

I can't believe so much time has passed since I blogged last. Honestly part of it is I read other blogs like Kisses from Katie, Hood Mama, and others that are full of meaning, purpose, written with words that keep you on the edge of your seat and it makes me not want to write unless I have something REALLY important to say.

Today is not that day, nothing major going on I just thought an update was needed.

Halloween was fun. My kids were funny. Emma Sanders who if you will remember is my snacker was in love with the idea of people handing out candy. She went dressed as a fairy princess. Bennett was a skeleton and Preston was an inflatable sumo wrestler. I know, last year we had a theme but I couldn't think of a cute one this year. We could call this rock, paper scissors. You know skeleton scares princess fairy, sumo wrestler squashes skeleton, fairy princess waves magic wand and shrinks sumo wrestler. A stretch I know.
One funny story is that we went up to a lady's house and she gave Emma some candy. I said, Emma what do you say to which she responded "Do you have any kit kats?" Not exactly what I was going for but oh well.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Mimi's. Lots of food and family. I for the first time in history did not take a camera. My sister did though and I will try to post pictures later.

We ended Thanksgiving weekend with a wedding shower for my future sister in law Anne Todd. She and my brother are getting married December 18. We are so excited. Emma Sanders is the flower girl and she has been practicing. I am sure that promises to be a good blog post. Stay tuned.