Friday, July 15, 2011

So Big

When our kids were about 11 months old we could say "so big" and they would reach their arms into the sky and just grin. Truth is they were really so big to us then but little did we know that within the blink of an eye "so big"  turns into standing eye level with you with a size 9 shoe and weighing in at 103 lbs. 

July 14,2011 Preston turned 13.  It is hard to believe. One of his favorite t.v. shows is Man vs. Food so for his birthday he wanted to go to Kooky Canuck where he had seen a recent episode of the show filmed. If you have never seen Man vs. Food it is this guy who goes around the country and does food challenges. Kooky Canuck has just one of those challenges. The burger pictured above is called the King Kookamanuga and if you and a friend eat the 6lbs of beef with bread and side in under 60 min you get it for free. 

It didn't happen. 6 people split the burger and still could not finish it. It was crazy big, but to wash it all down we also ordered the Birthday Avalanche which consist of 18 scoops of ice cream with all the toppings. 

They even give you these cool glasses to wear and take your picture to be put on their website. It really was fun. 

This morning Braxton and Preston left for Honduras on a missions trip. They are going to spend a week with POI ministries in Honduras doing everything from playing with kids at an Orphanage to building a home for a widow and her children. I am excited for them and truthfully a little bit jealous. I know it is going to be an awesome trip and God is going to use it in mighty ways. 

Preston is kind, thoughtful, hard working and funny. He brings much joy to our family. We are so proud of the young man he is becoming. Yesterday he told me he was a little nervous about the trip, mainly his fears were in the plane ride. We talked about the story in the Bible where the disciples go across with Jesus in a boat and a huge storm comes up. The disciples are fearful and wake a sleeping Jesus for help. Jesus calms the storm and then talks to the disciples about their faith. 

Preston looked at me and said, "I get it, Jesus is in control." Exactly. 

Preston, you are a joy and delight as a son. We love you and have loved watching you grow over these past 13 years. You really are "so big."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where's the Love?

This morning I sat down for a few minutes to watch the news. This past Sunday while our family was at a redbirds game there was a tragedy across the street at a hotel. A Memphis police officer and another man were shot and killed. In my opinion part of the reason this is such a great tragedy is that the people of Memphis have become numb to this type of situation. I heard several comments from fans at the baseball game, "typical Memphis," "it figures another Memphis murder," or even "this isn't even breaking news anymore, it is just Memphis news."

At some level and with a repentant heart I say I am guilty of feeling some of these things myself. I have thought a lot about it the past couple of days and have watched the news off and on to find out the latest details. Partly due to just plain curiosity and partly due to my heart feeling heavy for everyone concerned.

It seems that officer Timothy Warren was a Christian man who loved his Savior, family and this city. I am grateful for men like him in our city and sad for the loss of his life. I pray that somehow through this some good will be found and God will be glorified.

As I flipped on the news this morning there was an interview with a Memphis woman who is a singer/songwriter. She was singing a song called "Wears the Love" As I listened to the words it made me think about the past few days and where my heart is.

I strongly believe that if you are a believer in Jesus it is our call to "wear the love." This city is hard and sometimes hard to love but if you put on the love of Jesus it becomes much easier. I think Timothy Warren understood this and lived his life as a testimony to it.

Where's the love? Something I am going to start asking myself more often. Where's the love for this city, my fellow neighbor and the world?

Jill Dyson is the artist of this song and if you download on itunes today part of the proceeds go to a ministry that she supports to bring young children from other countries to LeBonheur in Memphis for life saving surgeries. You can read more about it here

Great song with a great reminder. Thank you Jill Dyson for the reminder and thank you officer Timothy Warren for wearing the love so much that you gave your life to protect our city.