Thursday, August 20, 2009


This week school started for my kiddos. They were excited, I was thrilled. They started yesterday and today was their first full day. Tuesday night we had a small case of the jitters. Probably more excitement than jitters but you could tell by some of the questions there was a tad bit of nervousness.
"Mom, where do you think my locker will be?"
"Do you think I will sit next to the same friend I sat to last year?"
"Mom, do you think I can pass the first grade?"
"Is changing classes hard?"

I love the innocence and truth of children. I also love my husband dearly and his intentionality with our children and with me. You see, not only have my kids had the jitters this week but I have as well. We have had a few minor set backs with the closing of our home and just the packing, starting a new school year, trying to be organized, trying to control everything, well it creates...jitters. So Tuesday night, my amazing godly husband feeling the jitters in the air took charge. We put Emma Sanders in the bed and then just me, Braxton and the boys went into their room. We talked a few minutes and answered those questions and then Braxton told my boys that each of them had a word for the year.

"Preston your word this year is honesty. In everything you do son be honest, no matter if you mess up, fail a test, whatever, just be honest. It doesn't mean there won't be consequences but we can move past anything if you are honest. Bennett, your word for the year is obedience. In everything you do be obedient. Do what your teacher asks of you the first time." We then held hands and prayed a precious prayer for the new school year.

As we were praying, I felt this amazing peace come over me. I think those words are for all of us. Honest and Obedient. So as I have been praying through my anxiousness of house stuff I am learning to be honest with my Father about my fears and learning to be obedient to Him, knowing that patience is part of obedience.

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