Monday, July 22, 2013

Loser's Limp

Because Braxton is the chaplain of the U of M football team I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the University of Memphis football players, staff and staff wives. I have really enjoyed getting to know the wives and have developed some sweet friendships that I hope will last regardless of where the game of football takes their families.

Last Thursday night I had a blast laughing with these wives as we attended Football with Fuente Women's Clinic. It was the 2nd annual event where the coaches come together and teach the women about important aspects of the game. It is HILARIOUS. Not because of our lack of knowledge but because of the teaching that occurs. We get many visual aids. One being a jock strap that somehow ended up in my lap (thank you Tory Dickey) but that is another story for another day. Don't worry it was PG rated....or maybe PG13. My face hurt from laughing so hard.

One thing we learned about was the "Loser's Limp." This is when a player misses a tackle and in order to save face they fall, if not already on the ground and then proceed to get up and limp around, usually in a circle, while holding their leg. Thus portraying, "I'm hurt, my leg, my leg, so it is just not they missed the tackle but they were hurt. PS...this happens on the opposing teams not the U of M!

On Friday morning I drove Preston to take his test to get his learner's permit. On the way there I was telling him some funny stuff that happened on Thursday night and it hit me! Preston, if you fail the test walk out holding your leg and limping in a circle. You can say, "Oh my leg, my leg, I was so distracted by my leg hurting I couldn't concentrate." Beautiful idea. He thought so as well.

Luckily he passed and did not have to perform the limp! He was so excited and walked out of the testing room grinning from ear to ear. He did lift his arms and had two HUGE sweat rings under his pits. We both got a good laugh. He said he wasn't nervous until the older man in the cubicle next to him kept saying, "Oh no, oh no," while holding his head in his hands. We should've taught that man the limp.

It is hard to believe that we are here at 15 already. It seems like yesterday I was worried about what when to start solid foods, how many naps he should take per day, and when to start potty training. And now here we are. All those things seem some funny to me, like, really I was worried about that? It is all relative, that is for sure.

We are so grateful for his life. He is funny, kind, loyal and genuine. He works hard and plays hard. He will be in the 9th grade this year. He has been working hard the past couple of weeks at football. He hopes to long snap and play defensive end. Thankfully because I attended the Women's Clinic I will know a little about what he is doing and prayerfully I won't see him doing the "Loser's Limp!"

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