Monday, October 18, 2010

Y'all got any snacks around here?

We come from a long line of healthy appetites. Or big people. I think healthy appetites sounds more PC. Nonetheless my great grandmother's name was Big Mama so you get the picture.

This past weekend Emma Sanders had a tonsillectomy. After many episodes of tonsillitis and strep throat we knew the tonsils were no good and had to go. So Saturday morning we headed to the hospital. I was a little anxious about it but also knew she was in good hands. On the way to the hospital she asked her daddy, "Are you taking me to bretest?" (this is how she says breakfast) Then when we pulled up at the hospital she said, "Is this a hotel, do they have bretest here?" Well, kind of sweetie, we are going to spend the night here :).

We checked in and when the admissions clerk said, she is here for a tonsillectomy Emma said, "No, my tonsils are not sick anymore." Oh boy. The surgery nurse was amazing and spent a long time with her talking to her and making her feel secure. So when it was time to go back to surgery she went right with her, not even a tear. I think she thought she had food on her.

She came through surgery great and the first thing she asked for when she woke up was Chik fil A. She said, "Daddy I need some chik fil a sweet tea." She also asked for chicken minis and french fries. You see where I am going with the healthy appetites.

About 2 hours after surgery she was asking for pancakes then at lunch she ate mac and cheese and for supper mashed potatoes and jello. The SAME DAY she had surgery. Big Mama would be proud.

The next morning when the nurse walked in she said, "y'all got any snacks around here?" I thought the nurse was going to hit the floor. Seriously, you just had a tonsillectomy.

Bless her now she just keeps asking if things are soft or not. Mom, are oreos soft? are crackers soft? are frosted flakes soft?

Needless to say I think we have had the best case scenario for a tonsil removal. The hardest part has been keeping her still and from falling. She is not even on pain medication anymore although I have considered taking it just to help my nerves. If she is supposed to take 3/4tsp how much do you think an adult would take. Kidding. But really, would the whole bottle be too much?

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