Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

Excuse me for a few moments while I brag on my amazing, loving, caring and godly husband. I know some of you just threw up a little bit in your mouth, sorry.

13.5 years ago I married Braxton Dale Brady. We were young, in love, stupid, clueless and naive. We had love and about $50 bucks and that was it. 6 months into our marriage we found out it would no longer just be the two of us but we would have a baby in 9 months. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary and I was 7 months pregnant. Nice, that always makes for a fun anniversary. We still had love but now we had more like $25 dollars plus a lot of bills. Awesome.

We made mistakes, a lot of them, we struggled through the next 3-5 years before we finally started seeing light. I would like to call it grace, redemption, the divine plan of God and lots of mercy but somehow we pulled it together or God pulled it together for us and we started making fewer mistakes.

Year 6 of our marriage Braxton started teaching at PDS. For the past 7 years it has been an amazing environment and God has been so faithful to teach him so much about parenting, teaching, and life there.

This past year he and Lee Burns, headmaster of the school, wrote a book together. Flight Plan is a great resource and tool for dads raising sons. It is written specifically geared toward boys ages 13-18 but really it can take them through life. www.theflightplanbook.com It gives a clear picture of how dads can help usher their sons from being a boy into manhood.

I am proud. I can't help it. Braxton works hard, studies hard and truly seeks the Lord in guidance for our marriage, raising our children and living life.

Sometimes when we look at our wedding picture hanging in our bedroom we laugh. We don't recognize those people. They were young, immature in a lot of ways and unclear of what a gospel centered life truly looks like. They had fewer wrinkles and more defined waist lines as well, just a side note.

We still make mistakes but we are so different and so grateful that God in his mercy has guided our steps. I think most importantly we are learning more everyday what it looks like to die to what we think is best and live for what God says is best.

If you know someone who has a young son or if you have a young son I would encourage you today to pick up your copy of Flight Plan. It would make a great Christmas gift! You can get it from Amazon, Davis Kidd, Borders or by going to the website.

Don't be passive in the raising of your sons or daughters but be challenged to give them a godly worldview and guide them into becoming Men and Women that live with purpose!

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  1. So sweet! We are so thankful for you all and so proud of Braxton and this book!!!!!!!!! Amazing! Praising God for all that He has done!