Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Delays Make for Falling Dominoes

When you are building a home if one thing gets delayed it can cause a million things to get delayed. For example or for real however you want to look at it: today the landscape guy was suppose to come and grade the yard and lay gravel so the inspector could give us a certificate of occupancy so the bank could send our paperwork to underwriting so we could close on our loan.

We all woke up this morning to 4inches of snow on the ground which equals a domino effect of delays in the Brady household. The snow was beautiful and my kids were excited but for the adults in the house it was a wee bit discouraging.

We made the best of it and went outside for some winter fun. We had a snowball fight which was pretty aggressive and painful due to the type of snow we had. We tried to build a snowman but his head kept falling off. The kids jumped on the trampoline which is pretty funny when it is covered in snow and ice but not near as funny as the snowman's head falling off. Then we came in and warmed up by playing cards, Farkle and building a fort.

Here is the link to our snow

Not sure when we will get to close on the house now but we have all decided to have good attitudes about it and trust that regardless of our plan that God's plan is the best and we will move in on his timing. And as one of the pastors at our church says, "God is never late, rarely early and ALWAYS on time."

Here are some recent pictures of the inside of the house...

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  1. beautiful!! love ur colors! can't wait to see it in REAL LIFE!!!! :) hope the move is going smoothly. home sweet home my friend! poor nanoch is gonna be so lonely.... wendy