Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Chicken has gotta hatch and a Bird has gotta fly

My kids are hilarious. All three of them, and you never know which one is going to come up with something funny to say next. Today as we rode home Bennett said, "Mom, I need a hug." Bennett is definitely my most affectionate child. He is always asking for a hug and I love it! I joke with friends that Bennett would climb back in my womb if I could let him.

I responded Bennett, I love you. "Mom, I am never going to grow up and leave you and dad, I'm never going to get married. I want to live with you forever." Oh, Bennett you will change your mind. You won't stay with us forever. "No, mom, not ever gonna leave."

"I will" Preston chimes in. "I am going to grow up and get married and leave." Thanks Preston, I appreciate your honesty. "Well, Mom, (as he puts his hand on my shoulder) a chicken has gotta hatch and a bird has gotta fly."

He is pretty smart and mature for an eleven year old. Someone asked me the other day if I was dreading him becoming a teenager soon. And I can say honestly we are not. Braxton and I both feel that helping him walk into becoming a young man and then an adult is a blessing. We know that there will be times of frustration, tears and probably anxiety but we plan to spend A LOT of time on our knees. And we are excited to see what kind of young man he will become and what paths God will put him on.

I just pray that as he hatches and grows wings that he will remember who takes care of the farm :).

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