Sunday, September 20, 2009

What You Must Know About My Momma

One of the things that you currently know about my momma is that we live with her. Only for a "few seasons" says my middle child. He is learning all about seasons in school and so instead of referring to how many months we are going to live here he says "seasons." He was at first saying 6 seasons but we, hopefully just two, fall and winter. I digress...

There are a few other things you need to know about my momma. I could list about a thousand things that I love about her but I have whittled down the list to 2 for now. I am sure I will blog about more in the future. These are by no means the most important things about her but important nonetheless. Are you ready?

1. She is very spontaneous and does not like "plans"
2. She LOVES Willie Nelson...(I remember being a little girl and singing Willie songs on our tape player, 8 track.)

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago I found out that Willie Nelson was coming to Mud Island in Memphis. And for a little, thank you, for allowing our family of 5 to invade her space I decided to surprise her with tickets. See the two things she loves, surprises and Willie, I am a good daughter. :)

Last night was the big night. We got on our cowboy boots and proceeded downtown with the rest of the Memphis redneck community, which is quite large I might add, and prepared ourselves for a good ol' time. We had a great time! Her friend Anita went with us. We laughed and sang and enjoyed the break from the Memphis flooding that has been going on for the past week. It was a perfect night for an outdoor concert. (Except for the humidity and the fact that my hair looks like a frizzy Texas hair model when it is humid, oh wait, never mind, I fit right in.) Here are a few observations that I thought you might enjoy:

1. There are a whole lot of really hairy men in Memphis that happen to be Willie Nelson fans.
2. There was one particular woman who thought she was at
a worship concert and proceeded more than once to raise her hands or clap in worship of Willie. (Seriously)
3. If you ever buy tickets to a Willie Nelson concert know this, he plays for about 45 minutes and then he is done. He finishes his last song, waves to the crowd and then literally gets on his bus and moves out. No coming back, no matter how long or loud the crowd chants Willie. And drunk people can chant really LOUD for a really LONG time.
4. There are a lot of people who apparently care more about Willie Nelson than they do dental hygiene. I am not being ugly, that is just the truth, I saw it with my own eyes.
5. Even if the venue tells you not to bring a camera in, you can do it anyway, about 3,000 flashes were going off last night, when the sign clearly said, "no cameras." We were one of the rule breakers but we used it to take pictures of ourselves and not Willie, so I think that makes it okay.

All in all it was a good girls night out. I hope mom knows how much I appreciate and love her. Not every daughter would brave the hairy drunk crowd just to let their momma are a good hearted woman...


  1. Great Review!!!! I am learning many things about my eldest; her secret personal interest in country music, also what an ingenious journalist she has become, especially when she has interesting subjects.

  2. Hahaha! I'm cracking up right now! Who would have thought you of all people would have noticed the hairy men and dental hygiene? Oh wait... Maybe I should write a blog about 2 things you should know about my sister... Hahaha! Love you!

  3. That is the funniest thing I've ever read...especially about the dental hygiene and the hairy men. I cannot stop laughing!! But what's funny is that those are things that I would have noticed too. Just don't ask me what color their shirts were!! And those 2 things you said about your momma....I've known those things for a long time. After all we've been friends for over 38 years!!! I can't wait to see her this weekend!!