Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's Recap

Lately I have run into a few people that had no idea that we had even moved. Not sure if that is my fault or theirs but nonetheless I thought it might be a good time for a recap. If you want to read the story in it entirety you can find it on a previous blog called New Adventure. I am going to spare you from all the gory details and just give a list of the main stuff going on in our life.

1. After living in our home in Binghampton for 3.5 years and much prayer the decision was made to move and build a new home. Old hood, New home. Ummm..that might could be a new reality series...

2. We sold our house way faster than we thought we would without starting to build our new home. (Which I might add here, that some skeptics said we would never be able to sale our home and if we did we would end up in the red, well we sold it and made some money, God is way bigger than any skeptic I know.)

3.We needed a place to go. I talked to mom and asked her what she thought about 5 new roommates :)

4. September 1st we closed on our old home, closed on our new lot and closed on a construction loan. Big Day. Oh...wait, even bigger day was the day before when we moved 90% of our stuff to storage and 10% to my mom's.

5. We have been at mom's for 3 weeks now and are starting to feel settled. Everyone seems to be adjusting well. Even the cat that had to find a new home (another Oprah show for another day, thank you Jerry Wing. )

6. We hope to be in our new home sometime in January, back in the hood where we belong.

Here are a few lessons we have learned along the way and are still learning:

1. Patience is a virtue and a pain in the rear to learn
2. The rain will put off construction on a new home
3. Camel crickets are hairy and big and if you have one then you have 10,000(don't ask)
4. James Pest Control knows how to kill camel crickets
5. Sometimes a good thing can turn into bad thing if you make it the best thing
6. My kids LOVE the trampoline at Nanach's house
7. Purging is good when it comes to stuff

So thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement, or the look of shock and awe I get when I tell people we are living with my mom and our 22 month old is sharing a room with us. It actually has not been bad at all, we are grateful and are looking forward to the future.

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