Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beast at the End of the Hall

We took Preston for his eleventh birthday on a trip to Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. We left Emma with my mom and just took the boys. We had a great time! The boys loved it. I think we rode every roller coaster and water ride (I truly hate these, there is nothing worse than being cold, wet and walking around in full clothes) known to man. I would like to personally thank the person that invented the “family dryer” for a low low price of $5(I am being sarcastic) you can fit your whole family inside of this contraption and it blows warm air on you for 3 minutes. Does not dry you at all but you feel a little less inappropriate walking around. Preston and I rode the Beast, which was the funniest thing ever, well the ride wasn’t funny but the picture they took of us riding was well worth the price of admission. Preston is eyes wide open, grinning from ear to ear and loving it, I on the other hand have my eyes glued shut, mouth wide open and look like something at the beginning of a horror movie. Shortly after we rode they shut down the ride for “mechanical issues” see, so my face just knew something the rest of the people did not…the ride was apparently breaking, NICE! I should have paid the $12.99 for that picture in case The Beast never re-opens. All in all it was a great trip. I am so glad I am married to a man that is anything but passive. He is so incredibly intentional with our children, not wasting one minute of precious time with them. There were signs all over that park of passivity in men. Several teenage boys were walking around with multiple piercings, tattoos and shirts that said things that would make you blush and I wanted to walk up to every one of them and say, tell me about your home life, tell me about the role of your father in your home? I would venture to guess that the answer would be the same, absent. It breaks my heart and makes me so thankful for a husband that is not absent.

We stopped at the Creation Museum on the way home. I would like to give it a rating of somewhere between cheesy and pretty good. If you drew a line straight down the middle of those two that is where this museum would be. We were greatly encouraged to buy a seasonal pass and for the life of me I could not figure out why someone would want to do that. Seriously, once is plenty.

We arrived home late last night and mom had kept Emma up to see us. She looked a little confused and excited all rolled into one. Like, hey, where have you people been? It took us forever to get her in the bed, I think she was afraid we would leave again. I have to go now there is a beast at the end of my hall called laundry and for some reason I don’t think they will shut this one down…ever.

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