Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Little Girl's Perspective on Football.

Emma Sanders Brady is our 3rd child and the baby of this family. She is also our only girl with two big brothers. She will turn 6 in November and Braxton and I both are in awe of how God has blessed us with 3 smart, funny, beautiful, handsome and in a lot of ways larger than life children.

This week Emma Sanders lost her 1st tooth. And for some reason much more than my other two losing their first, it has been very sentimental to me. The past 6 years have gone really fast and this week I have started thinking back on her first 6 years. Sweet, sweet moments. And we look forward to many more sweet ones.
Last night we put her Halloween costume on her and were on our way to go the Memphis Tiger Football Complex to eat dinner with Braxton and some of the coaches' families. ES was really looking forward to it! We first had to stop by Preston's school and pick him up from practice. Well long story short he did not get out in time and we did not get to go. It was traumatic to say the least. I wish I had not been driving so I could've taken a picture of Tinkerbell, bun in hair, glitter on face, and crying uncontrollably. It was like something right out of a horror movie. We drove through Chick Fil A and that place I am convinced can cure just about anything from dental work to football nights gone bad. So she got over it and we came home and played charades. In full out costume. And most of the things she acted out were football moves. No lie. She long snapped, fumbled, and did a celebration dance. It was hilarious.

So this morning I thought, bless her. She has been to A LOT of sporting events, mainly football, in her life. I would dare say much more than your average 6 year old girl. And I have never once asked her about the game, what she likes, or even what she really thinks is going on. So on the way to school I said, Emma Sanders, tell me about football. Tell me like I am someone who has never seen the game, what is your favorite part, how do they play, what are the rules?

This would've been much better on camera and I might get her to tell me again while I tape it but here are her words (with a slight lisp because we are missing that bottom tooth):

"Well, first I get to wear this cute blue cheerleader outfit. Then there are like 200 players on the team. Most of them stand on the sidelines but a lot of them go out on the field. They have this football and there are two end zones. It doesn't matter which one they run to they just have to get to one of them and when they do that is called a touchdown and then they dance. Most of the end zones are painted pretty. Ours says, Memphis. But first they have to run really fast and get a first down. Sometimes when they do that these kind of tan fireworks go off. They are not colorful, they should make them colorful. Then when they score they get one more chance to get the ball and score again for an extra point. They get 6 points for a touchdown and 1 point for the extra. Then they give the other team the ball and our team tries to keep them from running into the end zone. It's pretty fun, the best part is the concussion (yes she said concussion not concession) stand."

And there you have it. And I am so glad I asked. This girl is absolutely hilarious and we enjoy each and every moment with her. She brings great joy to our family! And yes, Tinkerbelle, there is a Halloween this year, but first we have to go to your brother's football game.

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