Friday, September 30, 2011

I just wrote that

Bennett and Emma are our musical geniuses in the family. Bennett loves to play the guitar and Emma loves to sing and dance. She picks up on song lyrics pretty quickly and sometimes will even write her own version.

Braxton and I argue over which one of us they got it from. I mean Braxton might be able to sing but I've got Moves like Jagger. Ahem. seriously, I do. Or did at one point in my life when my hips had not been moved to other worlds from child birth. I digress.

On Wednesday nights our family sits down with Operation World and picks out a country to talk about and to learn more about what is going on there. We then stick a pin in that country on our world map in the playroom and pray for it.

Emma is still and quiet because she is so intent on listening and learning. Or....she knows that if she is still and patient her daddy will let her sing and dance for us afterwards. Kind of her own little version of America's Got Talent. For example the other night she wore a camouflage hat, pj's, and shook a blue and white pom pom while singing her rendition of This is the Day combined with Jesus is Lord. She is a prodigy.

This was practice time in the kitchen before. She wanted to warm up and asked me to tape her so she could watch. It was pre costume and there was a little bit of song change up from her final performance. My favorite part is when she sings, "he lives riiighhtt here" and puts her hand on her throat.

She has also coined the phrase recently "I just wrote that" in our home. Did you catch it in the song? Just in case anyone was wondering, this thing has been copy righted.

For example at lunch the other day she wanted to pray all by herself. She started out singing God our Father then took a hard left into Jesus loves me and ended with thanks for this day and my singing. Not sure she ever even mentioned the food, Nonetheless, at the end she looks up at all of us and says, "Did y'all like that?" Then says, "I just wrote that."

We are going to be rich people, rich. She also likes to cook. So we have got that as a back up plan if the singing/song writing thing doesn't pan out.

Friday night Braxton was out of town and it was just me and the kids. Emma wanted to make cup cakes. Red Velvet cup cakes. Don't ask why. But we did it. We had so much fun and Bennett helped as well. They were actually quite yummy. On Saturday we shared them with some kids in the neighborhood.

If you will look closely Bennett has huge black triangles on his face. Earlier he had ask me if he could paint his face. I said yes and he went upstairs and 10 minutes later I thought I was being visited from one of the band members from Kiss. I think he is getting jealous of his sister's talent and is worried she might one up him on the whole song writing thing, so he is going into costumes. I'm not sure.

Good times. The hits just keep coming at the Brady house. Never a dull moment.

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