Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer's End

The summer is winding down here at the Brady house. School supply shopping, buying new shoes, kids arguing on a constant basis, going to orientations at schools, football practice starting, kids arguing on a constant basis, filling out my new August to August calendar, going over schedules for the fall, did I mention kids arguing on constant basis?

It has been a great summer. And my kids have all really gotten along well until this last week. A sign that it is time, time for everyone to go back to their corners and start school!

Here are a few highlights from the Brady '11 Summer:

Preston traveled with two friends to Chattanooga for a Lacrosse camp. First time to go to camp that far away. He had a great time and learned a lot about Lacrosse.

Bennett went to Victory Ranch for a week, this was his 3rd summer to go to camp there but the first time to go without his big brother being there.

4th of July party in our neighborhood. So fun, thanks to the Parkinsons for hosting this year. We really enjoyed the fellowship and pray that it will continue to grow! 

Braxton and Preston traveled to Honduras for a week. A father son missions trip with our church. It was an amazing experience and they both came back changed forever.

Me, Bennett, Emma and my mom traveled to Starkville to visit my brother and his wife for a few days. It was fun to see their new apartment and spend sometime with them there!

Our entire family traveled to Santa Rosa Beach, FL at the end of July. All 5 of us, my mom (Nanach), my sister Lauren, her husband Andy, the best nephew ever Wyatt or Super Wy, and my brother Ross and his wife Anne Todd. It was so fun! The first time we have ever done this. What a great time, lots of great memories of eating great food, playing fun games and watching hilarious Youtube videos. We hope to do it again next year.

Oh and I can't forget one of the greatest memories of the summer was going with two of our greatest friends and neighbors in the world, Brian and Erin to see Back Street Boys and New Kids on the Block. Awesome memory I will never forget.

We look forward to a great fall. Preston and Bennett are playing football and Emma Sanders is starting PreK!

Thank you Lord for a great summer, we are grateful for the rest, playing and traveling. And Dear Lord we now especially thank you for the schedules, routines and schools. Momma loves her some routine!

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