Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodbye Sweet "Pass"

All three of my children have been attached to a paci. Emma has been more attached than any of my three. She called it her "pass" and am I telling you it was a very part of her breath, life and soul. We knew giving them up would be a big deal.

So after having yet another episode of infected tonsils and realizing we were going to have to buy more of the dreaded paci's, we decided tonight would be the night. We prepared ourselves with scripture, prayer request and some chanting. Just kidding, sort of. Anyway, we went through our normal bedtime routine of bath, books and bed and then she said and I quote "Hey, we need my pass." To which I responded, "No, no more passes." And this is what ensued right after...are you ready???

Nothing. She simply said, "okay" laid her head down and went to sleep. Are you kidding? I almost woke her up and said, "wait a minute sister, I was ready for a fight." I had all this arsenal of tricks, pleading, bribing, etc...prepared and you just say, "okay???"

Wow, don't they surprise us at the very last minute? I am still in shock. I came downstairs and told Braxton that was way too easy. And then I warned the boys, if you see a pass throw it away immediately, and if you say the word pass, make reference to a pass, put anything in your mouth that might make her think of a pass, you will be grounded for 6 months. Just kidding again, sort of.

Then I started looking for pictures with her and that "pass" in her mouth and I am honestly a little bit sad. Another chapter done. And for the Bradys we are forever done with the paci. I am a little sentimental about it.

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