Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Just Any Ol' Moon

Last Thursday night I did something that someone who is in their 30's with children probably should not do. I went with 5 girlfriends to see New Moon, seeing the movie is not the problem. Seeing the movie at 12:06am and not getting into the bed until 3:30am....that is the the problem. Today is Sunday and I am still feeling the effects. In fact they seem worse today than any other day. I am exhausted. My body is saying, "please girl don't you know we passed this phase of life up years ago?" Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

We all met at Huey's first for some great hang out time plus a little quiz. My friend Ashleigh had some great review questions just to see which one of us really was the psycho, I mean fanatic. Tona won by a long shot. She even remembered Bella's birthday. After leaving Huey's we proceeded to the theater, which I would like to add here that they had 6 screens at the midnight showing of the film. All 6 were sold out. Some people are sick. Oh wait, maybe that was me, I was there too :).
The movie was actually pretty good. Much better than the first one. I would definitely recommend it. While we were all sitting at Huey's we began talking about how it is the "scenes" in life that you remember. The memory makers, not the day to day mundane stuff. I am grateful to have a life full of family and friends to create "scenes" with.

Braxton and I have been to a couple of parenting events lately and they all say that same thing. Create memories for your children. Give them experiences. When they are in their adult life they won't look back and remember how much laundry you did, how clean your house was, or if the lawn was neat and tidy but they will remember the experiences, the "scenes" you created for them.

I will forever remember the night I went with my girlfriends at midnight and watched New Moon. Thanks girls! Let's never be too old to make a memory like that!

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